Earthworks : Garden :

In this rocky hill country, full of deer and hard ground, a garden is very intentional process. I was instructed by Ave Bonar, photographer extraordinaire, to find Frank Meyer to help me build the entrance, as he is a musician and has been a green builder for over twenty years. When he saw the forest he asked, "Where's the garden?" Oh that, well I haven't gotten that far. I only knew it must be a round garden, as the house is round.

And so it began and grew into what you see here. Frank looked at my paintings and dome home and decided to start with a spiral. We collaborated so beautifully together but I credit him with the design.

The gate and arbor are made from the wood here on the property with other Texas materials used everywhere else. Limestone, cedar and lots of hard work. You can see Frank, Elena Antonelli, and my husband working away. My neighbor Elena Puccetti is helping to harvest the first summer.